What is ZIZERA?

ZIZERA is an online publishing platform where you create, design and manage publications.

Upload assets such as images and videos to your own workspace and create interactive digital publications. All uploaded assets will be optimized for different screen sizes and resolutions.

  1. Dashboard - Here you can create, edit, customize your viewer application and preview/publish your publications online. You can also see an overview of recent activities and access online support.
  2. Publications - Management of all publications created in the Publisher.
  3. Assets - Management of all assets created/uploaded to the Publisher. Assets are categorized into galleries (images), links (web links) and videos.
  4. Applications - Management of applications created to view the publications on the desired device.
  5. Users - Management of users. By default, the user first created in ZIZERA is assigned with the Administrator’s role.
  6. Upload PDF - Shortcut to upload PDFs.
  7. Search ZIZERA - Field to enter keywords that search for specific publications or assets available in your workspace.
  8. Search icon - Click on the Search icon to search for publications or assets based on the text entered in the search field.
  9. Help - Quick access to the ZIZERA Support site.
  10. Logout/Change password - Logout from your ZIZERA workspace/change password of your account.