What features are available on the Dashboard?

The Dashboard allows you to add publications to your favorite list and share these through social media, instead of navigating to the Viewer.

  1. Favorites - Enables to favorite a publication page/product.
  2. Share - Share the current publication page link to various social media network to their connections, groups, or specific individuals and email.
  3. Related publications - An overview of other publications based on the current publication context that are published and are online and is accessible once the publication is published.
  4. Search - Search allows the users to search only when the user is online and performs search across all publication pages and displays only the page results. When the user selects an item in the search result, it will take the user to the appropriate publication with the selected page opened. The search also provides search suggestions.Note: Search works when the publication published is accessible.
  5. Download - Allows you to download a publication page or the complete catalog in the PDF format.