How do I embed videos using Metadata?

Videos can be embedded as part of a page or opened in a popup when on click of an object/element.

Embed a video on a page

  1. Set the size and position of a video at the exact spot on the page and create a new hyperlink.
  2. Paste the below metadata in the hyperlink.
    Metadata format: rpc://assets/videos/[VIDEO_ASSET_ID]
    Example: rpc://assets/videos/wnXye
    "wnXye" is the unique ID for each asset in the Publisher.

Open a video in a popup on click of an object/element

  1. Define a clickable area, like an icon/ graphical object/ text on the page.
  2. Create a new hyperlink in InDesign and paste the below metadata:
    Metadata format: rpc://tags/videos/{[VIDEO_URL]}?target=[POPUP_ID]&icon=[ICON_TYPE]
    Example: rpc://tags/videos/{}?target=viewstool&icon=default
  3. Optional: Refer to an existing video in the Publisher instead of an URL.
    Metadata format: rpc://tags/videos/[VIDEO_ASSET_ID]?target=[POPUP_ID]&icon=[ICON_TYPE]
    Example: rpc://tags/videos/wnXye?target=viewstool&icon=default


  • Remove the square brackets [ ] in the metadata format.
  • Replace the "VIDEO_URL" within { } with the actual video URL.
  • The "target" points to the "POPUP_ID" in which the gallery should be opened. In the above example, the "POPUP_ID" is "viewstool". For details, read more here ... Metadata - Popup.