How does the Users list work?

The "Users List" displays a list of users created in your ZIZERA account, with their account status.

Below you can find detailed information on what you can find in the Users list:

  1. New User - To create a new user.
  2. Username - Name of the user.
  3. Email - Registered email ID of the user.
  4. Role - Roles determine the permissions associated with a particular user role.
  5. Status - Status of a user account.
    The different status of a user in the Publisher are:
    Active – A user with authorised access and permissions to work in the Publisher.
    Inactive – When a user account is in unused or suspended state.
    Pending activation – A user account that has not been activated.
  6. Delete - To delete a user.
  7. Sort by - Filter users based on Name, Email, Role and Status.