How do I upload videos?

This is how you upload videos to your ZIZERA account.

Note: The ZIZERA Publisher supports only MP4 video format files up to 2 GB.

  1. Login to the Publisher, open a publication from the Publication List view and click on the publication page.
  2. By default, the menu consists of the following options:
    Create tag, Create video, Create gallery, Create link, and Create webview.
  3. Click on the Video icon in the top menu.

4. Enter the Title of the video.

5. By default, a Unique ID is auto populated as a unique identification (Id) number for the video assets.

6. Video - Click on Upload Files in the Videos textbox to upload videos.

7. Preview images - Click on Upload Files in the Preview images text box to upload the video image for preview.

8. Subtitle - Click on Upload Files in the Subtitle text box to upload subtitles to videos.

9. Click on Insert to upload videos.

10. Or click on Cancel to exit the video upload process in the Video popup page.

Read more for details regarding the supported video formats, video and audio encoding: Video guidelines