How do I change my email?

Here's how you change your email address.

The edit E-mail option allows you to change the registered e-mail of your ZIZERA account.

Whenever you change your e-mail, a confirmation e-mail is sent to your newly updated e-mail account. Confirm the e-mail change request by using the updated e-mail from the next login attempt.

Follow the steps listed below to update your e-mail:

1. Hover the mouse over the user icon and click on My account.


2. Click on Edit icon.

3. Enter the Current e-mail address.

4. Enter New e-mail address.


5. Click on E-mail change.

    • A confirmation e-mail is sent to your new email.
    • The current session expires.
    • Redirects you to the Login screen.

6. Open change e-mail notification and click on Activation link.
The new e-mail is updated successfully.
Note: The change e-mail request is valid only for next 3 days. Ensure to confirm the request within the valid period.

7. Click on Back to login to login using the new email.