How do I set up a Google Analytics account?

As a first step, you need to set up a Google Analytics (GA) account for your ZIZERA Application.

Follow these steps to set up a GA account:

1. Open this URL and click on Sign up.

2. Select Website to track ZIZERA web application.
Note: Currently, ZIZERA provides analytics support only for the Web application.

3. Enter the Account Name.

4. Enter your Website/App Name which requires analytics integration.


5. Enter your Website URL.

6. Select the Industry Category of your ZIZERA application.

7. Select your Reporting Time Zone. The selected time zone will be used as the time boundary time (start and end time) in your reports.

8. Select Data Sharing Settings as per the requirement/recommendations.

9. Click on Get Tracking ID. The Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement appears.

10. Select your country/region from the drop-down.

11. Accept the Data Processing Terms and Additional Terms.

12. Click on I Accept.

Once the account is created, the Tracking ID of the GA account is displayed.


Note the Tracking ID of the GA account to configure with your ZIZERA application.