How do I set the Publication properties?

These are the following settings that needs to be set for your publication.

1. Publication image – The 1st page of a publication displays as the cover image of a publication.


2. Publication title – Name of a publication.

3. App title – Display title for the publication in mobile apps.

4. Permalink – The portion of the live URL which you can decide.
Note: If the permalink is already available, the Publish option will display an error message saying "Permalink already exists".

5. Live URL – The URL of a publication. The live URL is auto generated based on predefined system logic and the input provided in Permalink.

6. Labels - Add or remove label(s) by clicking on the "check" icon.
Note: You can add multiple labels by entering a blank space between the labels, separating the text.

7. Online date – The date and time on which a publication is released to the public.

8. Offline date – The date and time on which a publication is archived or removed from an online website.

9. Notification date -The date and time on which a notification is sent to the users. The notification date must be set between an online date and an offline date.