How do I view analytical reports?

The analytical reports for your ZIZERA publications are viewed in your Google Analytics account.

To view the reports imported to your GA account:

  1. Click on CUSTOMIZATION.
  2. Click on Custom Reports.
  3. Select the report you need to view.

Below you find a compiled list of the 10 customized ZIZERA Reports you'll find imported to your GA account:

1. Popular pages viewed in publication

The "Popular pages within each publication" report displays the metrics of page view count of all publications/each pages within a publication. You can view the report in various graphical representation.


The top pane displays the page view count on Day, Week, and Month wise. By default, the line graph displays the page view count of all publications.

To view the page view count of each page in a publication:

  • From the table, click on the publication name. The table lists the page views of each page, of the selected publication.
    Note: The line graph varies based on the items selected from the table.

You can also view the analytical data in different graphical representation such as:


2. Publication usage

The "Publication usage" report displays the metrics of more frequently used publications with its view count.

3. Popular search in publication

The “Popular search term within each publication” report displays the count of popular terms searched in the publication.

4. Popular shared page in publication

The “Popular shared page within each publication” report displays the count of most frequently shared publication pages.

5. Client-wise usage

The “Client-wise usage” report displays the metrics of most frequently accessed ZIZERA workspace(s) with its total events of usage.

6. Publication Effectiveness

Displays a report of how effectively the publications are used/viewed by the users. It displays the following details of publications:

  • Users: Shows the count of users who viewed the publications.
  • Pageviews: Shows the total number pageviews of publications.
  • Bounces: Shows the percentage of new customer visits only to your publication landing page and exits without further navigation.
  • Avg. Time on Page: Shows the average amount of time users spend on publication pages.

Note: When you click on each publication, you can view the records of each publication page.


7. Acquisition Channel Overview

The Acquisition Channel Overview report displays the overall traffic acquired by your website. Acquisition determines the various sources of ZIZERA publications that generates or acquires website/application traffic. This gives the most important data right up front — the number of sessions acquired, the bounce rate of those acquired visitors, and their conversions from your most effective channels. It provides a quick and easy way to see how your top channels are performing.


The report graphically represents the traffic of your website with respect to the count of:

  • Users - Users who have visited your publications at least once.
  • Sessions - Total number of sessions when your users are actively engaged with your website/application/publications.
  • Bounce rate - Percentage of single page session, where the users did not engage with the publication page.
  • Pages/Session - Average number of pages viewed in a Session.
  • Avg. Session Duration - The average length of a Session.

When you scroll down, you can view the analytical data of each publication page in the numeric representation.


When you click on each page title, you can view the list of sources through which the users visited the publication page.

8. Behavior Overview

The Behavior Overview report focuses on individual pages of your website. This view displays the amount of traffic the publication received during the time period you are looking at. It gives you an overview of pageviews, unique pageviews, average time spent on each page, bounce rate and exit rate. You can also review how the content is performing by page URLs, titles, search terms or events.


When you scroll down, you can view the behavioral data of each publication in the numeric representation.


Clicking on each publication, lists the behavioral data of each publication pages.

9. Content Drilldown

The Content Drilldown report in Google Analytics will show you how visitor attention is distributed on the publications. It shows you the engagement metrics along the page path level navigation. You start with the publication page title, then click to go down to the page level path.


Here, we see the data as in the All Pages report, but it is broken down by sub folder. This will be useful to the websites that use a consistent sub folder structure in their URLs.


10. Mostly Used

The Mostly Used report lists the publications which are often viewed by the users, along with its total events, users, and session details.


When you click on each publication link, you can view the summary of events/actions like page navigation, extended content load, and feature accessed like search, overview, and share that occurred in the publications.