How do I publish?

When a publication is published, all the assets associated with the publication gets published, and the content is set as available for public view.

The visibility of the content can be controlled to reflect in the Applications immediately, or on a specific date. The Publish option is provided at the top right corner of the Publication edit view in the Publisher.

Follow the steps listed below to publish a publication and make it available online:

1. Confirm the identified Application, Platforms and Orientation settings applicable.


2. Click on Publish.
A Publish settings popup displays.


3. Confirm the Online, Offline, Notification date and the Properties- Permalink.

4. Click on Publish to confirm publishing a publication.
Once Publish is selected, if there are other publications to be published, a message stating “Publish request is in queue” displays.

5. The Publisher starts the publishing process and the status is changed to “Publishing in progress”.


6. On completion of publishing process, the status changes to Published in the header section of the Publication edit view.