How does the publication management work?

The ZIZERA Publisher is the main working environment to design, build and maintain publications.

Assets such as images, PDF’s, and videos can be uploaded to the working environment to produce interactive digital publications. All the uploaded assets are optimized and versioned for different screen sizes and resolutions.


The Publications list view is the entry point for various operations; to create publications and assets.

  1. Publications tab – List of all the publications created in the ZIZERA Publisher.
  2. New publications – To create a new publication by uploading a PDF document.
  3. Filter – A publication can be filtered with different criteria's: By status, By market, By name, and By Id.
  4. Categories - A global classification of all artefacts in the ZIZERA Publisher. The publication/assets are grouped into one/more categories.
  5. Help - Link to the ZIZERA support portal.
  6. Logout - Exit from the ZIZERA Publisher.