What can I find in the Publication list view?

The Publication list view displays all publications of the chosen market. It also displays publications based on the filter criteria set.

If there are no publications available in a particular market or when the conditions set in the filter does not match any results, the message “There is no publications with query in filter” appears.

  1. Publication preview image - A thumb image of the front cover page of a publication.
  2. Name – The title of a publication.
  3. Online date – The date on which a publication is expected to be available online for an external user.
  4. Last updated – The date on which a publication was last updated.
  5. Pages – The number of pages in a publication.
  6. Status – The current state of a publication in the Publisher.
    The different status types are:
    Draft – The publications in draft state.
    Edit in Progress - Publications that are currently worked on.
    Offline (Unpublished) – Publications that are expired.
    Pending Approval – Completed publications pending for approval.
    Publishing in progress - The publication which is currently being published.
    Scheduled for Publishing – Publications which are scheduled to publish on a particular date.
    Online - Publications which are published and are available online.
  7. View - View publication list in grid view or sequential view.
  8. Sort by - Sort publications based on Name, Online date, Last opened, Pages and Status.
  9. Live URL – The link of a publication.
  10. Preview - Preview the publication in a standard environment to proofread the editorial changes.
  11. Embed - To get an HTML code snippet of a publication to be embedded on an iFrame/HTML page such as a website/or HTML publication. An iFrame (Inline Frame) is an HTML document embedded inside another HTML document on a website.
  12. Platform - The Platform in which the publication is published and it can be either web, Android or iOS.
  13. Delete icon – To remove an individual publication from the Publisher.
    The Delete icon is visible only if you mouse hover on a publication.

When you click on the Publication name, it directs you to the Publisher editor view.

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