How do I change the Presentation images?

The platform in which a publication is required to be published and it may be web, Android or iOS. The Platform settings vary for each application platform and are specific to that platform alone.

Rules for a launcher icon and splash image:

  1. The App icon and splash image sources must be .jpg/.png.
  2. The splash image size must not exceed 500kb.
  3. The app launcher icon size must not exceed 100kb.

Set launcher icon

The launcher icon displays when the application launches initially.

Standards for an app launcher icon:

  1. iOS: By default, the app launcher icon must be 1024x 1024 pixels.
  2. Android: By default, the app launcher icon must be 96x 96 pixels.
  3. By default, if no icon is set, the ZIZERA logo is set as the app launcher icon.

Follow these steps to set the launcher icon:

  1. Set any relevant icon related to the project as the app Launcher icon.
    After installing the app on the device, you can locate the app using the associated icon from the installed applications list.
  2. The procedure to set the Launcher icon are similar to both Android and iOS platforms.
  3. Click on +Add launcher icon to display when the platform specific application is launched.
  4. Select the image considered as app Launcher icon from your local system.

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Set splash image

Set any relevant image related to the project as the app splash image. The splash image displays when the application launches initially.

  1. Click on the +Splash image.
  2. Select the image to be set as the splash image from your local system.
    The splash image gets uploaded in the Publisher 2.0.

Note: By default, the image size must be set to 1400 x 1400 pixels. You can design your own splash image with any content. Example: The logo and the copyright message.

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