What are the PDF standards for the ZIZERA publisher?

Here you can read more about the standards we recommend for when uploading a PDF to the ZIZERA publisher.

  • The PDF needs to be version 1.6 or later (Created using Acrobat 7.x or later).
  • Catalogues must be delivered in a single file when an internal linking is required.
  • Catalogues can be delivered as individual page files when an internal linking is not required.
  • The publication’s first page must be first in the PDF and the last page should be last.
  • High resolution graphics with minimum 150 PPI is required with no compression (or .JPG Quality 12, Maximum)
  • All content within Media Box must be visible without any cropping.
  • For 'Type A' fonts – subsets are allowed.
  • Only active fonts within the document is acceptable.
  • All hyperlinks and/or annotation marks must be readable.
  • All the pages must be of the same size.
  • The PDF size limit must not exceed 2 GB.
  • sRGB color space for all the PDF documents must be maintained.
  • Compressed object streams are allowed.
  • There must be no hidden texts in the PDF as the PDF documents becomes searchable.

Hyperlinks – Annotation marks - Standards

  • Recognizable and can be localized.
  • All addresses within the links have to refer to pages within the document or to an external and reachable addresses.
  • Internal links on a page level and the links must be downloaded at an object level.
  • Hyperlinks must be visible only when content is available.
  • Naming and prefixes have to be within a set naming convention standards for internal categorization and internal references.
  • For the text to be searchable it has to be in text format. The text must therefore be in a separate layer and must not be flattened to the same layer as the rest of the PDF.