How does the PDF page management work?

In the PDF page management you can manage Replace page, Preview image for the publication and Page assets, among other things.

Here's how the PDF page management works:

  1. Pages view - Alternatively referred to as “Navigation pane/ Tree view” and it consists of all the pages within a publication.
    Click on the expand arrow on the left of a publication title where it displays all the pages in a publication.
  2. Title of a publication (Text in Red) - The title of a publication.
  3. Pages - Displays all the available pages of a publication.
  4. Navigation icon – Each page has a navigation icon. By default, the navigation is set to horizontal.

5. When you hover over each page, displays a set of options:

    • Replace page
    • Add page(s)
    • Delete page

6. Click on a page from the Pages tree view to open the page.


7. Main container – Container that holds all the content of the publication page. The order of assets can be re-arranged within the main container.

8. PDF widget – Indicates a publication is created with a PDF.

9. Preview image - A preview image of a page in a publication.

10. Page display – To control the zoom level of the publication page in the edit view. User can control the zoom level by selecting the required % or fit page/ fit width option.
The Page display consists of the following options:
Fit page: Fits the publication page to the best possible view in the display area.
Full width: Fits the publication page to the full width of the display area.
A range of percentages: Fits the publication page based on the percentage between 25 to 400%.

11. Page assets - Lists all the assets of the page.