How do I map the GTM container to Google Analytics?

Once you import the ZIZERA GTM container, the next step is to map the required GTM container to your Google Analytics (GA) account.

So that your application’s collected analytical data from the GTM is transferred to your GA account, and displayed on Dashboard and Reports, a GTM container is mapped to Google Analytics using the Tracking ID (generated while creating an account in GA).

Note: Ensure to map correct Tracking ID of your GA account to the GTM container. GTM will fail to transfer your application’s analytical data to GA, if it’s failed to map the correct tracking ID with the respective GTM container.

Follow the steps below to map the GTM container to GA:

  • If you have not logged into GTM, then login and click on the required GTM container.
  • If you have already logged in, ensure that you have selected the required GTM container. Click on All accounts and select container.

1. Click on Variables from the left pane.

2. Under User-Defined Variables, scroll down and select Google Analytics Settings variable.

3. Click on Edit icon.


4. Enter the Tracking ID of your GA account. Click on this link to find your Tracking ID.

5. Click on SAVE.