How do I add interactive content to my PDF?

This is how you add interactive content such as images, videos and links to your PDF publication.

Regular workflow

  • Access interactive content created within the Publisher from the Library in the Publisher.
  • Pin an interactive content to any publication.
  • Add an interactive content to any page and once pinned to a publication, resize/reposition it as needed.

Automated workflow

  • Incorporate it within the design workflow (InDesign or other graphical design systems) to reduce the production time implementation of an interactive content.
  • The designers can have complete control on the configuration settings of an interactive content in the design phase.
  • The final PDF document with the interactive content is then processed in the Publisher.

The designer's role Designers working in InDesign or any other page design and layout programs must configure in their systems both the size, position and type of the interactive content to automate the implementation.

They can use the metadata provided to define an interactive content.