How do I import the ZIZERA GTM container?

The ZIZERA GTM container contains the basic setup that collects the analytical data of your application.

In turn, the GTM manipulates the data and transfers to the third-party analytics tool to display the manipulated data as Dashboard widgets and metrics report.

Download the ZIZERA GTM container file, from the link provided in the section below. The container file is available in JSON format. Import the downloaded container file to your GTM account and start customising your dashboard and reports.

To import the ZIZERA GTM container, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your GTM account.
  2. Select GTM container, based on your application platform.
    Note: Ensure to import the downloaded ZIZERA container to its exact container type based on your application platform, i.e., if your application uses Web platform, select Web type container.

3. Click on ADMIN.


4. Click on Import Container.

5. Click here to download ZIZERA container.


7. Browse and select the downloaded container file.

8. Click on NEW to create a new workspace for your container, or select EXISTING to use the default workspace. Check Workspace help for more details.

9. Select Overwrite/Merge to overwrite/merge the container content with the existing container content.
The details of the imported container is displayed as a Preview.

10. Click on View Detailed Changes to view the changes made to the container.

11. Click on CONFIRM to accept the changes and import container.

Check to learn more about Import Container.


Once you import the GTM container, the basic setup to build customised dashboard and reports are added to your GTM account.