How do I import customized ZIZERA dashboard and reports?

This customized ZIZERA Dashboard and Reports template enables you to monitor your app’s analytics.

Click on the template link below and start monitoring your application’s analytics such as:

  • How your application acquires users and traffic
  • Behavior of users on your application after acquisition
  • Conversion and bounce rate
  • Feature usage
  • Workspace usage and so on

Note: Ensure to create Custom Dimensions in your GA account, before importing the templates.

Import customized template

1. Click here to import dashboard and report template.

2. From Select a view drop-down, select All Web Site Data of your GA account.
Note: Ensure to select the correct GA account, which is mapped to your GTM container variable. Your Google Analytics account fails to display customized dashboard and reports, if incorrect GA account is mapped.


3. Select the required custom Reports and Dashboard.

4. Click on Create.

Once you import and configure the template of customized Dashboard and Reports, you can start monitoring the analytics of your application.