What are the icon types used in Interactive content PDFs?

The system detects the interactive content types and displays the correct icons based on the icon name format.

It is possible to change the icons by mentioning the icon name at the end of the metadata.

The metadata can contain multiple properties and values. The list of properties starts with the sign "?" and is divided by the sign "&". The values are set after the property with the sign "=".

Example: rpc://tags/weblink/{http://www.zizera.com}?target=browser&icon=search

Shown below is the common list of icons used for interactive content types:


Icon name reference list

Here you can copy the required icon name format and paste it along with the metadata format to display icons:

  • Video - icon=video
  • Gallery - icon=gallery
  • Product popup - icon=product
  • Product list - icon=productlist
  • Link to an external page - icon=external
  • Link to an internal page - icon=internal
  • E-mail - icon=mail
  • Favourite - icon=favourite
  • Table of contents - icon=toc
  • Search - icon=search
  • Information about page - icon=htmlpage
  • Store locator - icon=store
  • Related publications - icon=publication
  • Empty tag (no icon) - icon=noicon