How do I link tags with other publication pages?

You can link the tags with other publication pages.


  • Availability of a publication in the Publications List view and a tag(s) created on it.

Perform the steps listed to add a link to another publication page:

1. Draw a tag (read more here on how to Draw a tag).

2. Select the tag name in the Pages navigation pane.
Alternatively, you can select the tag in the publication edit area.
When the tag is selected, the blue line frame of a tag changes to black dotted lines.
When the tag name gets highlighted, the Properties pane displays.

3. Set an Action in the Properties pane.

4. Choose an Action as Publication.
The instance Publication is selected, a text box with shadowed text as “Search publication’” displays in the Properties pane.

5. Select a specific publication in the Search publication text box.


6. Select the required Publication page.

7. Choose the Icon type as desired.
The available Icon types are:
Default icon, No icon, Internal icon, External icon, Mail icon, Gallery icon, Video icon, HTML page icon, Publication icon, Bookmark icon, Search icon, and Table of contents icon.

8. Select the Icon position from the drop down list of items:
Top left, Top right, Top center, Center left, Center right, Center center, and Bottom left.

9. Select the Active area either as Full or icon only.

10. Click on the Live view icon to preview the link set to another page in a publication.

Note:Only publications created within the same scope and the ones created with Global scope are listed in the "Search publication" suggestions.