How do I link a tag to a video?

You can link a tag to a Youtube video and enable it to play as a popup or embed on a publication page.

Follow the steps below to link a tag to a YouTube video:

  1. Start off by creating a tag (read more on how to Draw a tag).
  2. Select the tag name in the Pages navigation pane.
  3. Alternatively, select the tag in the publication edit area.
    When the tag is selected, the blue line of a tag frame changes to black dotted lines.
    When the tag name gets highlighted, the Properties pane displays.
  4. Set an Action in the Properties pane.
  5. Set the Action as Link in the Properties pane.
  6. Choose the Link type as an External.
  7. Select Http://. Once Http:// is selected, a text box displays.
  8. Enter the link of a URL from YouTube in the text box.
    For example:
    For more details, refer to <a href=""class="rpc-no-swiping rpc_doc__link > YouTube parameters
    In addition, we can set the URL format to set the autoplay and related video as:
    "YouTube website name/ [embed]/[videoname]/ [autoplay=true&rel=0]"
    Refer the URL format: When autoplay is set to "true", the video plays automatically and vice versa. When rel (related video) is set to ‘0’, the video does not play. When the related (rel) video is not required, the URL format must be set to:[embed][videoname]/.
  9. Select the Icon position from the drop down list of items: Top left, Top right, Top center, Center left, Center right, Center center, and Bottom left.
  10. Select an Active area either as Full or icon only.
  11. Click on the Live view icon to preview the link tag set to a video such as one from YouTube.

Note: Alternatively, you can also link a tag to "Layer/ Popup" and add video to the layer.

Read more:

Note: The video can be configured to open either in another tab in the same web browser or as a popup in full screen mode. This can be set in the Publisher by setting the tag link action as an "External" tag.