Can I link a tag to a gallery slide?

You can link a tag to a gallery slide. This alternative is useful when a gallery contains thumbnail based navigation.

Prerequisites: Availability of a publication in the Publications List view, a tag created on it and a gallery created on top of the tag.

Traditionally, it would be solved by creating the entire page as a gallery and a tag will be added to each thumbnail in the gallery image. This facilitates navigation between the gallery slides. Drawback of this approach is that multiple tags has to be created, which might be cumbersome when there are many thumbnails.

Instead, the thumbnails can be retained as the part of the publication page and gallery images will be without the thumbnail image. With this option, it is enough to create tags once in the page and link to the relevant gallery slide.


Perform the steps listed to add a link to a gallery slide from a publication page:

1. Draw a tag (read more on how to Draw a tag).

2. Select the tag name in the Pages navigation pane.

3. Alternatively, you can select the tag in the publication edit area.
When the tag is selected, the blue line of the tag frame changes to black dotted lines. When the tag name gets highlighted, the Properties pane displays.

4. Set an Action in the Properties pane.

5. Set the Action as link in the Properties pane.

6. Select the Link type as Gallery from the drop down list of items in Action.


7. Select the gallery placed on the publication page.
In this sample, there is only one gallery added to the publication page named Shoes.

8. Select Shoes listed in the Action pane.


9. Select the Page number.

10. Select the Icon position from the drop down list of items:
Top left, Top right, Top center, Center left, Center right, Center center, and Bottom left.
In this case, no icon is required.

11. Select an Active area either as Full or icon only.

12. Click on the Live view icon to preview the link inserted to a standard (image) gallery in a publication.