How do I import products to a publication?

The Product import allows you to upload multiple products to the publication, at once.

You can upload multiple products through CSV or XLSX file.

A predefined template is available on the Dashboard. Download the template, fill-in the required product details and upload.


  1. Do not change the format, content and case of the header in the template. Retain as is.
  2. Do not change the format of the downloaded template. ZIZERA supports only .csv or .xlsx format.
  3. Upload the product and thumbnail images to the required server before uploading.
  4. Do not highlight/bold the product details.

Multiple product import

Perform the steps listed to import/upload products:

1. Click on Product import, available on the left menu.


2. Click on Product-data-template-file.xlsx to download the sample template.


3. Fill the below details:

Note: Ensure the above recommendations before filling the template.

a. product_id: Enter the Product ID of the product.

b. article_number: Enter the article number of the product. The article number should be same as product ID. Following are the supported article number formats:

      3. (
      4. (
      5. (""
      6. {}
      7. /
      8. ?

where, 'x' is a numerical value between 0-9.

The product article number label may contain special characters like slash /, double quotes "", parentheses (), braces {}, question mark ? and extra spaces that would be excluded during an extraction process.

c. name: Name of the product.

d. itemname: Item name should be similar to the product name. This is used to display the product name in product detail view.

e. price: Enter the price of the product along with its currency. For example: 400$.

f. details_image: Enter the uploaded path of the image.

g. prod_desc: Enter the description of the product to display in product details view.

h. thumbnail: Enter the path of the product thumbnail image, where it is uploaded.

i. url: URL of the external website where the product and its details will be displayed.

j. publication_id: ID of the publication in which the products are imported.

k. pdf_page_number: Page number of the publication in which the products are imported.

Note: It is not mandatory to specify the publication_id and pdf_page_number. You can leave these cells empty and upload only the products to the database. Later, map the products manually to the Publication page(s). Refer Product Tray to map the products manually to the publication.

4. Save the file in .csv/.xlsx format.

5. Click on Select file to upload/import the product details.

6. Publish the publication. Refer Publish section to know more.

Now the products are uploaded to the publication and you can view the Product tray, only if you have specified the Publication and Page ID in the uploaded file.


If you have not specified the Publication and Page ID, follow the steps provided in Product tray section to manually map the products.

Following actions can be performed on a product tray, in a viewer:

  • To view the product tray, click on Products (X).
  • To view more details on each product, click on each product and click Read More to open product detail view.
  • To hide the product tray, click on Hide Products.