How do I configure the layers?

The Popup Settings pane allows you to enable/disable the popup features.

The settings options are listed below:

  1. Select the layer or popup in Pages navigation pane.
  2. Click Properties.
  • Header: Enable or disable a header for a layer/ popup.
  • Close: Enable or disable close icon for a layer header.
  • Back: Enable or disable back icon for a layer header.
  • Share: Enable or disable share icon for a layer header.
  • Open in full screen: Configure to open in full screen mode.
  • Modal: If enabled, it is not possible to access the publication page unless the layer/ popup is closed with the Close icon. If this setting is set to "Off", the layer will close with a click on the background.
  • Mask color: Set the mask color (the background color) that appears when a layer/ popup opens.
  • Mask opacity: To either increase or decrease transparency (darker or lighter shade) for the mask layer.