How do I add products to the publication?

In this article you will find out on how you can add products to your publication.

The Product tray shows your collection of products displayed in a publication.

  1. Enable the Product Tray to display products in a publication.
  2. Click on the +Add product label.
  3. Enter the product number.
  4. Click on Live view to view the products added in a product tray.

Please note: ZIZERA automatically extracts the product article number(s), if they is/are present on a PDF page during processing and will be added to the product tray.

These are the article number variations that are supported in ZIZERA:

  • (
  • (
  • (""
  • {}
  • /
  • ? where 'x' is a numerical value 0-9.

The product article number label may contain special characters like slash /, double quotes "", parenthesis (), braces {}, question mark ? and extra spaces that would be excluded during an extraction process.

Please note: Any duplicate entries of product article number are managed in the Publisher.