How do I add a video to a standard (image) gallery?

This is how you add/link a video to a standard gallery.


  • Availability of a publication in the Publications List view
  • A gallery is created on the page.

Follow the steps listed below to add a video to a standard (image) gallery:

1. Draw a tag on top of the newly created standard (image) gallery. (Read more: Draw a tag.)

2. Navigate to the Properties > Action pane.

3. In the Actions pane, select Layer/Popup.

4. Select +Add Popup, if the popup does not exists in the publication page.
For example: The newly created layer/popup displays as "Page >Popup1" in the Pages navigation pane. Alternatively, if required, choose an existing popup. If a popup already exist on a publication page, the popup/layer displays in the Pages navigation pane.

5. Read more on "Configure the layer" to apply the required settings.


6. Insert the video, on top of the layer/popup created in the standard image gallery.

7. Click outside the dotted tag frame in the publication page.

8. Select the Create widget icon. A drop down menu with a list of items namely tag, layer/popup, video, image, web view, and link displays.

9. Select Video from the drop down menu. (Read more: "Create video".)


10. Set the Video properties as applicable. (Read more: "Configure the properties for a video".)