How do I add a TOC on a publication page?

The "Table Of Contents" tag provides a quick overview of the publication pages, which makes it easier for your viewers to navigate through your publication.

Follow the steps below to create your own TOC:


1. Start off by drawing a tag. (Read more here: Draw a tag.)

2. Select the tag name in the Pages navigation pane.

3. Alternatively, you can select the tag in the publication edit area.
When the tag is selected, the blue line of the tag frame changes to black dotted lines.
When the tag name gets highlighted, the Properties pane displays.

4. Set an Action in Properties.

5. Choose the Action as Application.

6. Select the Application type as Table of contents.


7. Choose the Icon type as Table of contents icon.

8. Select the Icon position from the drop down list:
Top left, Top right, Top center, Center left, Center right, Center center, and Bottom left.

9. Select an Active area either as Full or icon only.

Note: The tag set as table of contents can be viewed only in a publication in the ZIZERA Applications.