How do I add a survey popup?

Follow the steps below to add a popup in HTML format.

1. Create a tag for the popup.
--> Read more: Draw a tag.

2. Activate the tag.
--> Read more: Activate assets on page.

3. Open the popup and provide a link to an external web view.
--> Read more: Create weblink.

4. To paste the content in an HTML format (in Create weblink- step 5), and select the option HTML content for Type.


5. Copy the code snippet below:

<div id="sg-popup" style="position: absolute;width: calc(100%-40px);max-width: 500px;left: 0;right: 0;margin: 0 auto;background-color: #ffffff;border-color: #000000;border-style: solid;padding-bottom: 20px;font-size: 16px;z-index: 2;">
<div style="margin-left: 4px;">
<h1>You have been selected for a survey</h1>
<p>We appreciate your feedback!!</p>
<p><a href="">Please click here to start it now.</a></p>
<a href="#" onclick="document.getElementById('sg-popup').style.display = 'none';return false;">No, thank you.</a>

Note: The URL ""needs to be replaced with a suitable HTML page.

6. Paste the code snippet in the HTML content text box.


7. Click on Insert. The HTML content is then added in the popup for survey.