How does the GTM Integration to ZIZERA Application work?

The integration of Google Tag Manager (GTM) with the ZIZERA Applications allows you to track and report usage and traffic.

We give you more powerful insight of data here, than most websites have, with a very easy and pre-configured setup.

Using your GTM and GA account, you can simply import the (pre-configured) customised ZIZERA GTM container, and ZIZERA Dashboard and Reports templates that are exclusively designed based on your application platform. By importing, you can monitor your application’s performance and traffic through various Dashboard widgets and Reports. In turn, enabling you to optimize and enhance its performance.

This walkthrough explains how to import ZIZERA GTM container to your GTM account, and customised ZIZERA Dashboard and Reports templates to your GA account and view the analytics of your application.

Note: You can also integrate other third party analytical tool instead of Google Analytics and view the analytics of your application.

The GTM and GA integration walkthrough provides step by step instructions to:

  1. Create GTM container
  2. Import ZIZERA GTM container
  3. Map GTM container to GA account
  4. Map ZIZERA GTM container ID to the ZIZERA Lite application
  5. Create Custom Dimensions
  6. Import customised ZIZERA Dashboard and Reports templates

Ensure GDPR/User privacy compliance

Before integrating your GTM account with ZIZERA, be aware of the GDPR or any other user privacy policies applicable to your region. Also, ensure that your application is compliant with the relevant policy.

ZIZERA provides an option to change the policy message and detailed policy url, through application management, so that you can change the alert message shown to the user and provide a link to your detailed privacy policy.

Also, by default, IP Anonymization is enabled in ZIZERA GTM container, hence securing the users exact geographic location. If you decide to disable IP anonymization, understand that it is your responsibility to adhere to the GDPR or any other applicable regulations. You can read more about this in the IP Anonymization section.


For more information on GDPR:


Before starting to build customised Dashboard and Reports, ensure the below prerequisites:

  • Check Tag manager help and Analytics help to gain basic knowledge on GTM setup such as account, container, and workspace, and on Google Analytics.
  • Ensure to have an account in GTM and GA. You can use your existing google account or create a new one.
    • Check GTM Setup to learn more on GTM account and container.
    • Check GA setup to learn more on GA account.