What characters can I use as file name?

Here's more information on what type of characters that are allowed in file names, that are uploaded to your workspace.

Filename characters:

  1. What are the supported filename characters?
    The supported alphanumeric characters are: a-z, A-Z, and 0-9. (Lowercase alphabets, uppercase alphabets, and numerical values).

Special characters:

  1. Are special characters supported as the file names?
    Yes, special characters such as underscore (_), hyphen (-) and dot (.) are supported as the file name with/or without an extra space.
  2. Can I use more than one special characters in the file name?
    No, you can not use a more than one special characters as the file name.

Extra space in filename:

  1. Can I use an extra space as the file name?
    Yes, you can use an extra space as the file name. E.g: abcd_hijk_opqr.

Non-ASCII characters:

  1. Are non-ASCII characters supported in Publisher 1.0?
    Non-ASCII characters are not supported. E.g: Characters like Ä,Å,Ö.

Special characters in assets collection:

  1. Does asset collection support special characters for "Unique Id"?
    For a unique Id, the asset collection does not support special characters.
    When you add special characters as the Unique Id, a message "Special characters are not allowed for unique Id" displays.