What can I find on the Dashboard?

The Dashboard is the entry point for your ZIZERA workspace.

For all new users, the Dashboard prompts to upload and create a new PDF publication.


1. Upload a PDF - Click on the Plus sign icon to Upload a PDF. You can also drag and drop a PDF into the drop area.

2. Support - Here you can find quick-start instructions to use ZIZERA.

3. Marketing tools - Find instructions on how to integrate Analytics tools where you can track the behaviour of your publication. The Analytical tools you can integrate are:

  • Google Tag Manager (GTM)
  • Google Analytics (GA)

4. Get-started tour - Displays a short guide on how ZIZERA works. The tour is only shown on your first login.

  • Click on NEXT to display the limited information about each icon on the Dashboard.
  • Click on END TOUR to close the help tour.
  • Once the help tour is complete, click on FINISH.