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How do I create a standard (image) gallery?

A standard gallery is a collection of different images.

Note: The Publisher supported image formats are JPEG, JPG and PNG.

  1. Login to the Publisher.
  2. Open a publication from the Publications List view and click on a publication page.
  3. Menu is shown by default with the following options; Create tag, Create video, Create gallery, Create link, and Create webview.
  4. Click on the Create gallery option.

5. Add the Title for the standard (image) gallery.

6. Add a Description.

7. Main images - Click on Upload Files in the Main images text box to upload the required images.
Note: You can upload files up to 2 GB at a time.

8. Once the image(s) upload is completed, click on Insert.


A standard (image) gallery appears on the page which is highlighted with black dotted lines.

The properties of the standard (image) gallery displays in the Properties pane. In addition to the default settings, define the following:

  • Always show arrows - To display next/ previous navigation arrows in every view.
  • Indicator - Configure either as top or bottom.
  • Indicator icon - Set the indicator icon to circle or alphabet.