How do I create a new publication?

You can create a new publication both from the Dashboard and the Publications section.

Follow the steps below to create a publication from the Publications section.

  1. Navigate to Publications.
  2. Click on New publication.

3. Browse the PDF file you want to upload and click on Open.

4. Enter the Title, a specific name for your publication.
Note: Avoid special characters in Title.


5. Edit the Permalink, if you wish to alternate the URL.
Permalink is the permanent URL of a publication. The permalink is auto generated by default.

6. Select the PDF type from the drop-down.

7. Select the required Categories from the drop-down.

8. Click on Continue to confirm the selected PDF properties and start with PDF processing.
Read more: PDF processing

Once the PDF is uploaded and processed, you will be re-directed to Publisher editor view. If you wish for further guidance on how to edit your publication, you can read more here: Publication edit