How do I set up analytics tracking?

Here is a step by step guide on how to set up analytics tracking from Google in your ZIZERA workspace.

Here's how you set up Google analytics tracking for your ZIZERA publications, using the Publisher console.

1. Set up your Google Analytics account

Go to and create a Google Analytics (GA) account. Select the Web option for what you want to track, enter a name for your website and add the workspace URL as the website URL (e.g. Copy the GA tracking ID as you will need it later in the set up.

step 1 - Set up GA

2. Set up your Google Tag Manager account and container

Follow the instructions in to either set up a new Google Tag Manager (GTM) account and container, or add a new container to your existing account.

Step 2 - Set up GTM
3. Import the ZIZERA container

Download the ZIZERA container from Save the page on your computer in JSON format. Then go to your GTM account, select the newly container created in step 2 and click on the ADMIN tab at the top. Click on Import Container and upload the ZIZERA container. You can choose to either create a new workspace for your container, or use the default workspace (please see the Workspace help section for more details)

  1. Download the container JSON file
    Step 3 - Download container
  2. Import the container in Google Tag Manager
    Step 3 - Import container
4. Connect your GA account to your new GTM container

In the menu on the left side of your GTM container view, click on Variables. Under User-Defined Variables, scroll down in the list and select the Google Analytics Settings variable. Click on the Edit icon and paste the GA tracking ID saved in step 1. Click on Save, then scroll to the top of the page to Submit and Publish the changes to your GTM workspace. Please see the Analytics tag help section if you need to find the GA tracking ID.

Step 4 - Connect GTM to GA
5. Create the ZIZERA custom dimensions

Open your GA account and select Custom Dimensions available under Custom Definitions in the Admin view in order to set up the custom dimensions needed to track analytics from your publications. Please note to create the custom dimensions in the same order as in the below table, keep the default value for Scope - Hit and ensure that the Active checkbox is selected. Select Done on the following screen. Repeat this for each of the 12 custom dimensions below. For further information on where to find the custom dimensions, please see the Custom dimensions help section.

Index number

Custom Dimension




Collects the Country code of the publication.



Collects the Language code of the publication.



Collects the name of the publications accessed.


zSearch term

Collects the keywords used to search the publications in ZIZERA.



Collects the items like Name or ID of the Extended content when it is accessed. Also collects items like previous, next when navigated to the previous/next pages using arrow, swipe, arrows in the keyboard, or by navigation controls


zShare Platform

Collects the share platforms like Facebook, Email used to share the publications.



Collects the URL of the assets shared through social platforms.



Collects the count of frequently viewed publication pages.



Collects the source URL in which a publication is embedded.



Collects the name of the workspace from which the publications are accessed.



Collects the mode through which the pages are navigated in a publication.


zURL Routing

Collects the mode of navigation used to navigate to a page by manually entering the page number in publication URL.

Step 5 - Create custom dimensions

6. Connect your GTM account to your ZIZERA workspace

Go to your GTM container view and copy the GTM ID in the top right (it will be something like GTM-XXXXXX). Log in to your ZIZERA workspace, click on Viewer settings in the top left, click on Settings and paste the GTM ID in the GOOGLE TAG MANAGER text box. Click on SAVE and PUBLISH in the top right corner.

Step 6 - Connect ZIZERA to GTM

Now your tracking is set up and configured with your ZIZERA account. All publications in your workspace will now automatically track statistics in your Google Analytics account.