Can I change the background of my viewer?

You can easily customize and apply your own background color or image.

Here is more information on what you can find in the Settings section, besides changing the background you can also add your own logotype and/or favicon.

  1. Logotype - The viewer app logo. Either drop the file directly into the drop area or click “Select file” to browse the file you want to upload.
  2. Favicon - Favicon is added to your viewer in the same way as the logotype. Drag and drop or click "Select file" to upload your own favicon.
  3. Google Tag Manager - A unique identifier (ID) to track your publication behaviour. Read more on Analytics for further details.
  1. Color scheme - These are the default color schemes available for the ZIZERA viewer. By default, the settings are set to Dark or Light themes.
  • First color - Represents primary backgrounds color of the viewer.
  • Second color - Represents primary font and icon color of the viewer.
  • Third color - Represents secondary font color of the viewer.
  • Fourth color - Represents sliders progress color of the viewer.
  • Fifth color - Represents badges color of the viewer.
  1. Add your custom color scheme - You can also set your customized color scheme to your viewer.
  2. Background image - Here is where you can upload the background image, if you prefer this option before a single background color. You can either upload or drag and drop the file into the drop area.