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How do I set the basic configuration of an image gallery?

Here you can read more about the basic configurations you can set to an image gallery.

These are the configuration settings for a standard gallery:


1. Open a publication from the Publications List view and click on a publication page.

2. Select the gallery.
The Properties pane displays the image gallery settings.

  • Orientation - To limit a standard image gallery display either in portrait or landscape mode or to display in both orientations of the devices (mobile/ tablet).
  • Gesture - By default, Swipe is selected for the mobile devices.
  • Scaling - To fit images for the device screen size either by width, height or auto fit.

3. Select Always show arrows to display next/ previous navigation arrows at all instances.

4. Enable the Indicator.

  • Set the indicator position to either top or bottom.
  • Set the indicator icon to circle or alphabet.