How does the Assets management work?

The Assets module lists all assets created in the publications or uploaded to your ZIZERA workspace.

You can create assets (videos, standard (image) gallery, and links (web links)) through the publication edit view.


Filter - Filter assets based on the criteria's below:

  • By status
  • By name
  • By id

By status: The filter consists of the following statuses and they are:

  • Draft – The unpublished version of an asset in the Publisher.
  • Published – The assets in a publication which are published.
  • Publishing in progress - While we publish the assets, the intermediate state of an asset until publish is completed.

By Name: The name of an asset.
By Id: A unique identification (Id) of an asset.
Clear filter - Removes filter terms used in the text box.
Category - A global classification of all assets and can be grouped into one/ more categories. The application can filter the content based on the categories set.


Read more: Category management.