What can I find in the Assets list?

The assets list is a list of assets created or uploaded in your ZIZERA workspace.

Below you can find more detailed information on what you can find in the Assets section:

  1. Thumbnail image - An image of assets uploaded in the Publisher.
  2. Name - The asset title.
  3. Identifier (Id) - A unique identifier of an asset.
  4. Type - The asset type (video or standard (image) gallery)
  5. Last Modified - The date and time when the assets are revised/ updated.
  6. By default, the Assets list displays 2 different views:
    Sequential view (3-line menu icon) - Display of the asset details horizontally based on the user choice.
    Grid view (2x2 4 square icon) - Display of the asset details vertically based on the user choice.
    You have the option to switch between the different views.
  7. Sort by - Sort assets based on the Name, Type, Status and Last opened.
    Name - Name of an asset sorted on an alphabetical order.
    Type - Type of an asset such as an image gallery, video or tags.
    Status - The status of an asset - Draft, published and publishing in progress.
    Last opened - Date when the asset was recently revised/ modified.
  8. By status: Filter based on the following statuses and they are:
    Draft: Unpublished version of assets in the Publisher.
    Published: Assets which are published.
    Publishing in progress - While we publish the assets, the intermediate state of an asset until publish is completed.
  9. Check box/ Delete icon – To delete an asset.
  10. Select all - To delete all assets in the Assets List view. Selecting the Select all check box enables the Actions. With this option, you can perform any of the desired actions such as Add or move to category or Delete.