What can I do in the Applications list?

By default, there are three applications available: Web, iOS and Android platforms. The default web application is used to compile the created publications.

To build the default iOS, Android applications and to download the binary, edit the application and update the required application essentials.


Login to ZIZERA Publisher 2.0 and navigate to Applications.

  1. Create - To create applications in the Applications list view.
  2. Name - The application name. It can be alphanumeric with the maximum length as 30 characters.
  3. Template - Platform supported pre-listed templates. E.g: "ZIZERA-Viewer-Lite", "ZIZERA-Viewer".
  4. Version - The published application version.
  5. Platform - Specific platforms like Web, Android and iOS.
  6. Last modified - Date when the platform specific application was updated/ revised.
  7. Build application - To build/ rebuild binaries for a specific platform.
  8. Download binary - To download binaries for different platforms such as Android (APK) or iOS (IPK).
  9. Status - The current state of an application in Publisher 2.0.
    The different status types supported are:
    Build initiated - The application build process initiated.
    Build in progress - The application which is currently being build.
    Published - The application(s) which are published.
    Failed - The application build that was not compiled.
  10. Delete - To select and delete one/ or more multiple applications from the list.

Note: When you tap on an existing application in the Applications list view, it navigates to the application edit view to revise the application settings and build configurations based on the platforms.

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