What can I do in the Application settings?

The settings of an application that can be set are the Layout and features and Integrations with analytical applications.

The settings of an application that can be set are:

  • Layout and features with an option to download a preset publication, and
  • Integrations with analytical applications such as Google analytics to track the mapped ZIZERA Viewer Lite application usage.

These settings are common for both Web and Native applications.

For the automatically created applications, the dark theme is applied and by default, the PDF Download and Open links within app options are disabled. These settings can be modified.

Layout and features

1. Choose any Theme for the application that goes well with the content.
It displays predefined themes based on the template selected. For the ZIZERA Lite template only two themes, namely *Light and Dark** themes are provided.


2. Choose the option PDF Download to download publications from the ZIZERA Viewer in PDF file format to your local device.

3. Choose the option Open links within app to open the external links embedded in an publication within the application instead of the browser new tab.

4. Alternatively, Choose publication to open from the list to display a specific publication when opening either iOS/ Android application.

5. Continue to perform the tasks mentioned in the sections; Set build essentials for iOS and Set build essentials for Android.


Applications such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager can be integrated with the ZIZERA application by either selecting ON/ OFF. By default, the integration applications are turned OFF.

The ZIZERA Viewer Lite application supports integration to Google Tag Manager to track the ZIZERA application usage as required.

Note: When there are no publications created and published, the message Publish at least one publication displays. Only online publications will be listed in Choose publication to open option.