How do I add external content to publications?

This is how you add external content to your publication.

Follow the steps below to add external content:

  1. Login to the Publisher.
  2. Open the Publications List view.
  3. Click on a publication page.

4. By default, the menu is listed with the following create options: Create tag, Create video, Create gallery, Create link, and Create webview. Click on Create webview.


5. Enter the Title for a web view/or web gallery.
By default, a Unique ID is auto populated which is a unique identifier for the web view.

6. Select the content Type;
URL: Provide a URL to an external content; video, web page, etc.
HTML content: Paste the content in an HTML format.


Selecting the HTML content displays a text box to paste the code snippet.


7. Click on Insert to insert web view on the publication page.

8. Click on Cancel to exit.

Note: The assets created now are accessible from the Assets List view.