How do I add a category to a publication?

This is how you add categories to a publication.

Follow these steps listed below to add a category to a new publication:

  1. Click on New publication and select PDF or HTML files to get started or drag file here.
  2. Follow the steps mentioned in Create New Publication section.
  3. Select the Categories available in the drop-down list.

4. Click on the up arrow in Categories and click on Continue.
The publication upload process continues.

5. Once the publication upload process is completed, navigate to Categories pane.

6. Click on the respective category name. E.g: Festival. The publication uploaded with the respective category displays in the Publications list view with the category applied.


Note: If categories are already available, they are displayed during the publication upload process (New publication creation) in order that you can select one or more categories. On completion of the publication upload process, an option Move to categories is available in the publication grid/ list view.