How do I activate my user account?

You activate your ZIZERA account by clicking on the account activation link sent to the email you registered with.

Follow these steps listed below to activate your account;

  1. Open the account activation email.
  2. Click on ACTIVATE ACCOUNT link.
  3. Enter and re-enter the new password.
  4. Click on Activate. If the activation is successful, a message will appear confirming it.
  5. Click on Click here to login link. The status of the user is changed to active in Users list view. The created user can login to the ZIZERA publisher and view the ZIZERA Dashboard.

These are the features available for non activated users:

  • Create only one publication and publish it.
  • Creating/ inviting users are restricted.
  • If non activated users tries to create a second publication without activating the user account, then you are notified to activate your account in order to create the next publication.